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We are thrilled to offer a $30 sitewide pass to use on Outschool, an innovative education platform that hosts over 140,000 engaging small-group online classes. While we invite you to apply your pass to any of Outschool's classes, we are excited to highlight a few of their Health & Wellness offerings on this page. They have more than 5,000 other courses designed to foster health and wellbeing - from exercise and sports clubs to guided meditation and nutrition!

A few of our favorite good-for-you courses include: 'Train Your Anger Dragon' which teaches how to cope with emotions through guided relaxation and mindfulness; 'Beginner Gymnastics - Let's Flip!' is a weekly course that develops strength, flexibility, and fundamental skills for progression within the sport; 'ADHD Superpowers - The Hidden Advantages of ADHD' illuminates many of the strengths that research shows frequently accompany the diagnosis; and, in 'Weekly Soccer Club' a licensed coach instructs players on the tactics, technique, and history of one of the world's most beloved sports.

Some classes are offered as one-time enrichment lessons, whereas others are semester-long courses or weekly social clubs. With the variety Outschool provides, young learners can be the healthiest versions of themselves - most physically and mentally!


  • Immediately following purchase, you will receive an email with a code to redeem your $30 sitewide pass directly on Outschool's website
  • Outschool's classes start at $5, and pass can be applied to the course(s) of your choice
  • Classes are designed for learners of various age ranges between 3 - 18
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