Outschool Sitewide Credit for All Classes. Classes Starting at $3.


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SKU: #S1004


Limit one Outschool Sitewide Credit per customer.

We are thrilled to offer a $30 sitewide pass to use on Outschool, an innovative education platform that hosts over 140,000 engaging small-group online classes across a wide variety of subjects. From art and music to science and technology, from cooking and life skills to health and wellness, Outschool has the perfect classes for any inquisitive child. Learn more about Outschool by watching this video.

This $30 credit can be used for any classes on Outschool. Here are some of our favorites:

Jedi Knight Star Wars Training - Take a journey into the awesome world Star Wars by mixing fitness and Light-Saber battle training.

The Weirdest Things Animals Do - And Why! - A delightful class that wows students with wild animal facts and busts common myths.

TikTok Dance Club - In this ongoing weekly dance club, students will learn popular TikTok dances with other fans.

Skateboard Like A Pro - Learn tricks and tips from skateboarders around the world.

Learn Ninja Moves - Learn the basic techniques and skills for karate and martial arts.

Taylor Swift on Ukulele - Fearless young musicians learn chords of the artist's famous tunes.


  • Immediately following purchase, you will receive an email with a code to redeem your $30 sitewide pass directly on Outschool's website
  • Outschool's classes start at $3, and pass can be applied to the course(s) of your choice
  • Classes are designed for learners of various age ranges between 3 - 18
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