Carbon Offset Literacy 101 Feb. 22


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SKU: #E1019


Our Carbon Offset Literacy 101 Boon Experience is a crash course what carbon offsets are and why they matter. This virtual fireside chat will be hosted by our Founder & CEO, Lily Kanter, and will feature a panel of inspiring climate warriors - Lauren Frisch of Climate Neutral and David Bochner of Pachama. The hour-long experience will conclude with a live, fifteen-minute question & answer period, where we encourage you to come with any questions you may have.

Your ticket to this riveting and informative discussion also includes a 0.5 metric ton certified carbon offset that provides funds for reforestation and clean energy projects. Each offset can negate significant emissions caused by anything from a 5 hour airplane flight to 2 months of an average person’s food consumption!


  • Hosted Tuesday, February 22nd at 11am PST/2pm EST
  • 1 hour duration
  • An email with a link to register for this experience will be sent within minutes of your order confirmation
  • Registration is required to attend this event, no further preparation is required
  • All Experiences are non-refundable (no returns or exchanges)
  • Purchase includes a 0.5 metric ton offset, which negates emissions from one of the following: a 5 hour airplane flight, 1 months of heating and cooling an average home, 2 months of driving a gas powered car, or 2 months of an average person’s food consumption
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