The Art of Chocolate Making Cooking Class: Jan. 29


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SKU: #E1013


Cooking & Cuisine Boon Experience: explore cocoa from beans to bars in this lively and entertaining 'Art of Chocolate Making' Class. This hands-on cooking class is led by Nick Davis, a former BBC correspondent turned chocolate connoisseur who founded One One Cacao to produce a clean, natural alternative to his beloved treat after developing a life-threatening food allergy.

From the 'cookshop' of his chocolate factory overlooking a marine sanctuary and the lush hills of Kingston, Jamaica, Nick will walk you through the process of making custom chocolates. You'll begin by properly tempering (melting) your chocolate before pouring it into molds to form your own chocolate bars. Then, you will customize with the toppings of your choice - the options are as endless as your imagination. Holiday gifts, anyone?

This family-friendly cooking class is perfect for chocolate lovers of all ages. We will donate 40% to the cause that matters most to you - making this hour-long experience extra sweet!


  • Hosted live on Saturday, January 29th at 1pm PST/4pm EST
  • 1 hour duration
  • An email with a link to register for this experience will be sent shortly after your order confirmation, along with a link to view ingredients & equipment needed
  • Registration is required to attend this event
  • All Experiences are non-refundable (no returns or exchanges)
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