Sackcloth & Ashes Recycled Fabric Blanket in Cream with Multi-Colored Stripes


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SKU: #70257


Boon partnered with Sackcloth & Ashes because of their commitment to people and the planet. As a fellow Climate Neutral brand, Sackcloth & Ashes blankets are a certifiably eco-friendly option. Each throw is made from recycled fabric that was once destined for a landfill before being repurposed into new yarn that is carded using a water-free dye-free process, saving waterways from harmful chemicals. And, for every blanket purchased, another blanket is given to a homeless shelter - part of their "Blanket the United States" campaign that is seeking to give a million blankets to shelters by 2024.

This Sustainable Recycled Fabric Blanket in Cream with Multi-Colored Stripes in shades of navy, dark orange, tangerine, and bright blue is extra soft for bundling up at home, and durable enough for curling up by the fire on your next adventure. Washable, stylish, cozy, sustainable, and gives back twice - what's not to love?


  • Measures 72" x 60"
  • Made from a blend of recycled wool, recycled polyester and recycled acrylic
  • Sustainably made in Italy
  • Gently machine wash in cool water, tumble dry low
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