Hibear Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Mountain Artwork


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SKU: #70246



A water bottle - or a flask - that celebrates and protects the planet. Boon loves this Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Mountain Artwork that is designed for making and drinking coffee, tea, cocktails, and more. Every detail is considered—from the freezable steel core that keeps drinks cold without diluting (while also doubling as a muddle for cocktail making) to the electropolish interior finish that protects against the transfer of taste, smell, and mold. Bonus: It's made by Hibear, a fellow Climate Neutral brand who cares about the planet—and zero waste living—as much as Boon does. This limited-edition print was designed in collaboration with artist Bryan Merrell, whose whimsical work is inspired by the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


  • Total volume: 32 oz.; Height: 11"; Width: 3.7"; Weight: 29 oz.
  • Made from double wall stainless steel with durable powder coat
  • 12 oz. insulated stainless steel filter for making coffee, tea, etc.
  • Invertible lid for brewing pour over coffee
  • Freezable, removable thermal core for keeping drinks cold without diluting
  • Removable silicone sleeve that doubles as another drinking vessel (perfect for pets!)
  • Insulation keeps drinks cold for 18 hours, or hot for 8 hours
  • Wide mouth design makes hand washing easy
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