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SKU: #17023


At the heart of Boon is a passion for doing - and helping others do good too. The Girls Crushing It Entrepreneurship Kickstart Kits are the result of a powerful collaboration between two inspiring women -  Roxanne Christophe, Founder & CEO of Girls Crushing It, and Boon Founder, Lily Kanter.

Lily Kanter has been a serial entrepreneur since she was 8 years old and believes that entrepreneurship is a creative and fulfilling route to build purpose and meaning. Her passion for doing - and bravely trying new things - led her to found Serena & Lily and most recently, Boon Supply.

Roxanne Christophe's daughter's experience selling origami creations at a local farmer's market compelled her to design a program that would create space for girls to build confidence through entrepreneurship. That project soon grew into Girls Crushing It, a non-profit 501(c) organization that has educated more than 1,000 girls since 2018. 

That incredible curriculum is available to girls everywhere with these kits. The cards and stickers walk through the process of starting a business - from identifying a market need and finding the ideal customer, to finding eco-friendly alternatives to commonly used business supplies, and even managing their earnings!


  • Designed for ages 8-18
  • Contains 13 double-sided cards, 8 stickers, and a canvas pouch
  • Measures 6.25" x 8.65"
  • Made of sturdy paper board
  • Imported
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