Recycled, Reversible Wrapping Paper in Ice Skater & Gift Prints

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SKU: #13441


Holiday gift wrap has long been a fundraising staple but Boon has taken it a step further in making it from 100% recycled paper and each roll is reversible. 

This festive print never goes out of style. On one side, a navy background highlights iconic ice skaters and on the other, carefully wrapped presents on a bright blue background. The colors are cheerful and bright, bringing joy to every gift you wrap. 

40% of every purchase goes to the cause of your choice - a gift that keeps on giving!


  • 2 feet x 15 feet
  • 30 sq ft of reversible wrapping paper
  • Side 1: Ice Skaters, Side 2: Presents
  • Made from recycled paper
  • Imported
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