Welcome to Conscious Living and Giving.

Join us in an eco-conscious lifestyle based on better decisions every day.

All of us are trying to do our part to serve the world. At Boon Supply, we bring those decisions to one eco-conscious place. From detergent strips, to reusable bamboo nesting bowls, to refillable
deodorant, here, the little things add up.

Every time you shop, we make it easy for you to give 40% back to your cause of choice. Boon Supply brings communities together to dream big and get big results. Don’t see the school or organization you want to give your savings back to? You can easily set up a fundraiser and start sharing to instantly give back to your community.

Founded by Lily Kanter, co-founder of Serena + Lily, Boon Supply has been featured on The View, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Real Simple Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and more.

Here at Boon Supply, it’s about eco-conscious living and giving.

Everyday decisions for an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Everyday decisions for an eco-conscious lifestyle.


Shop our eco-conscious product mix, seasonally designed and sustainably sourced.
With every purchase you give 40% back to the cause of your choice.

Create your own fundraiser.

Within minutes, you can have your fundraiser page live and ready to share. The moment it launches, 40% of every purchase made on your page will go directly to your cause.

A note from Lily

I firmly believe that each and every one of us has the power to do good in this world. Boon Supply was founded to make it easy for people to get involved and give back to their communities in meaningful ways. We set out to breathe new life into the world of fundraising by pairing incredible technology with great products that make life better. Our mission to “Power the #Doers” has guided us every step of the way – inspiring us to build a team of passionate volunteers and consultants trained to support and guide them, along with a set of tools that makes the task more fun and rewarding on every level. My gratitude goes out to the thousands of #Doers out there who have chosen to join the Boon movement and inspire others along the way.

-Lily Kanter, CEO of Boon Supply