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In this Climate & Conservation Boon Experience, you will virtually dive into the waters of South Africa with Justin, a shark scientist and conservation expert. Justin is a marine biologist and the founder of RockHopper - a conservation organization dedicated to protecting our oceans. His passion for telling the ocean's stories has led him to work on several renowned nature documentaries - like the upcoming Planet Earth III series on BBC, as well as the Netflix series Our Planet.

Over the course of this hour-long experience, Justin will share stories, photos, and video from his adventures exploring the waters of Africa's coastline studying sharks, making films, and visiting incredible marine reserves. Think of this journey as an interactive nature documentary, driven by your stories and questions. Fascinating facts about marine life - manta rays, manatees, octopus; as well as Tiger, Bull, Great White, and Hammerhead sharks - are sure to capture the attention of attendees of all ages, and leave them with a renewed appreciation for the ocean's role as one of the best tools in the fight against climate change.

A social impact experience: a portion of the sales from this conversation will benefit the RockHopper Fund's support of ocean protection and restoration projects focused on apex marine predators and 40% goes back to the cause that matters most to you. Join us!


  • Hosted live at 11am PST/2pm EST on Saturday, February 19th
  • 1 hour duration
  • An email with a link to register for this experience will be sent within minutes of your order confirmation
  • Registration is required to attend this event, no further preparation is required
  • All Experiences are non-refundable (no returns or exchanges)
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