Which Type of Fundraiser is Right for You?

By Tina Fichera
January 03, 2020

Two Ways to Raise

Boon Supply offers two types of merchandise fundraising options that make it easy for people to get involved and give back to their communities in meaningful ways. Every purchase generates 40% back to the fundraiser, creating exceptional results for the causes people care about.

Catalog & Online Fundraiser

Our Catalog & Online Fundraiser is the more traditional, or classic, way of fundraising. It offers both an online web store customized for the Fundraiser and printed seller packets with print order forms, parent letters announcing the fundraiser, catalogs, printed marketing posters, a display kit and the option of prize programs for to incentive students K-8. Fundraisers in this program earn a 40% profit, with an opportunity for bonus profit depending on the amount of funds raised.

These fundraisers run all season long online but can have a shorter event time frame for the catalog sales (orders placed on the print order forms). The fundraiser chair works with their Boon Consultant to optimize their fundraiser performance. All orders placed on the printed order forms are shipped to a single location presorted by the seller for easy distribution. All orders placed online are shipped directly to the purchaser.

Online-Only Fundraiser

Our Online-Only Fundraiser is the most digital way of fundraising. While catalogs are available upon request, no other printed materials are provided for the fundraiser. Prizes for children ages K-8 are available upon request. There is a robust library of downloadable marketing materials to promote the fundraiser, both online and off, easily accessible for the fundraiser chair. Online Only fundraisers earn 40% profit, and all orders are shipped directly to the purchaser.