Tips for Answering All Your Supporters’ Questions

By Tina Fichera
January 02, 2020

Boon Supply fundraisers are most successful when the whole community gets involved. We have many ways to share your fundraiser on your fundraiser’s webpage, from email to social media and text (if you’re on your mobile). We know that whenever you ask anyone for support (even if they get a beautiful product in return!) or you suggest using Boon Supply as a means to raise money, you’ll get asked questions. 

Here are a few you might encounter with some answers and ways to address them:

Q: Is Boon Supply only for schools?

We help groups and individuals of all types, from sports teams to church groups to non-profit organizations to dance troops to families looking to travel or raise money to help offset camp costs. With Boon Supply, the sky 's the limit!

Q: Who should I invite to support my fundraiser?

Anyone and everyone who will love our product (and that’s pretty much everyone!). Family and close friends have the best response rates, but posting on social media and asking your community are other great ways to voice your cause and get people involved. You’ll never know who’s looking to shop and will want to give back to your fundraiser!

Q: How much does it cost to run a fundraiser on Boon Supply?

It’s absolutely free! At the end of your fundraiser, we send a digital check to your recipient of choice with the sum of the 40% proceeds of all the purchases made towards your fundraiser. 

Q: How does Boon Supply make money?

After the 40% donation to your cause, our product and company costs, and paying our team, we take home only a sliver of commission, which we reinvest in our company to keep producing more, beautiful product and better technology to support more fundraisers like yours!

Q: Do you have any helpful resources I can use?

We have a whole library of resources ready for you - from guides to downloadable assets and images. We have your back and will help you be a success!