Why Start a Holiday Fundraiser

By Courtney Montgomery
November 12, 2019


Because holidays are the season for family, friends, parties, and lots and lots of gifting. Every parent (person, really) undoubtedly has a list of people they need to purchase gifts for. So why not make their gift purchases count a little extra by asking them to shop to support your cause by running a fundraiser selling products that are the perfect gifts - friend gifts, hostess gifts, gift wrapping accouterments, gifting goodies, and so on. 

We designed our fall collection with this in mind. Of course, people can buy the other products Boon Supply offers, but leading the marketing surrounding your fundraiser focusing on holiday gifting and our gifting products is a guaranteed win. Because people during these months are looking to buy gifts and things to wrap those gifts in. And since it is the season of giving, they will love that their purchase will also be supporting a good cause. Their gift is doing twice the giving.

This year, we have even created a new tool to help your holiday fundraiser be even that much more successful.  

Meet our newest tool: the holiday box.

We have just launched our newest, most exclusive product yet: the Boon Holiday Box. It’s a hand-curated collection of items, picked by Lily herself, with a value of over $300, for just $78. Packed in a beautiful box, it’s the perfect gift for literally anyone, with items (and gift cards!) that people of all ages will love. Send it as a gift to a friend or loved one, or buy it for yourself and distribute the items as gifts. Either way, it’s an insane value that shouldn’t be missed. Plus, what an amazing way to raise money for your cause. 

So take advantage of the season of giving and raise extra funds for your school, group, or other organization by running a holiday-centered fundraiser. People will love the gifts they buy for themselves and their friends and family and will feel twice as good knowing they are doing twice the good in their community. It's a win-win!