The Boon Supply Story

Meet Lily Kanter: The heart and soul behind Boon Supply. Lily founded the company to help fuel the shop-for-good movement while feeding her passion for great design. In early 2017, she was given the opportunity to buy a school fundraising site, Mixed Bag Designs, that sold mostly bags and other school-related items. Lily saw the hidden gem in this business: the chance to democratize cause marketing and build on the commerce for a cause movement with the ultimate goal to change the way the worlds shops and gives, all while selling beautifully-crafted product.

Lily Kanter, founder of Boon Supply

Lily is passionate about making a difference in the world and has an innate ability to bring those around her together to make positive change happen. She was even featured as Time Magazine’s July 2000 cover story as a “New Philanthropist”, a result of creating and funding a program with inner city youth while she was working at Microsoft. While being the co-founder and CEO of the brand Serena & Lily for over twelve years, Lily has a love for home design, from furniture to home goods and kitchenware, and a penchant for entertaining and creating a warm and inviting home.

With this strong combination of her background in building consumer brands, thirty years of experience in business and technology, and her passion for making the world better, Lily jumped at the opportunity to buy a school fundraising company and begin to form her vision of Boon Supply Co.

Boon Supply is all about making a difference in the world, giving 50% of every purchase to the cause of that purchaser’s choice. At the same time, the company allows anyone to create a fundraiser for any cause of their choice. Each product sold on the website has a touch of Lily, as she created a beautifully designed and curated collection of everyday essentials. The items are sustainable, eco-friendly and designed to serve a purpose and make the world a better place.

With Boon Supply, Lily and the rest of the team are helping people put their money where their heart is, believing that we are better together and can do more good than what we can accomplish alone.

As Lily says, let’s go do some #EverydayGood.

Need a place to start? Check out one of her favorite fundraisers Every Mother Counts and shop to support!