Resolve to
Build Character

By Hannah Waen
January 18, 2019

We launch our Spring 2019 season with the Character Matters collection that pays tribute to Character Day. Character Day is celebrated annually in September and is described on their website as a “global day that brings together millions of people of all ages in schools, classrooms, companies, homes — anywhere people already gather — to engage in conversation and action around character (strengths like empathy, grit, gratitude, creativity, and leadership).”  Through an online program, attendees are challenged to think, discuss, and reflect on their unique own character strengths.

Character Matters Collection

Inspired by the movement, Lily Kanter designed our Character Matters collection to bring joy, build personal strength, and become a practical addition to your everyday life. She says:

“Every product in the Character Matters collection is a reminder of how to live life with meaning and positive character strengths. It truly is applicable to everyone of any age. And while this collection is dear to my heart, I believe in the power of each person and what unique strengths they bring to this world to make it better. I hope you are drawn to them as well, and that they help power you and your community to achieve your goals and make positive change.”

This January we challenge YOU to dig deep, take risks, and become a #Doer in your community by starting or supporting a fundraiser.