Outschool x Boon Supply: Online Learning That Gives Back

By Danielle Ashe
February 15, 2022

At Boon Supply, our love for learning led us to partner with Outschool - an online education platform with over 140,000 interactive classes. There are tens of thousands of unique opportunities for kids to dive into any interests imaginable. We are thrilled to offer a $30 sitewide pass that you can use for any courses on their site - with classes starting at just $3!


What do customers love about Outschool?

With over 140,000 classes it would be nearly impossible to name everything there is to love, but here are a few of customer’s favorite things about Outschool:

  • Variety: Classes range from one-time lessons to semester-long courses, and cover an expansive assortment of topics. Learn about everything from arts & music to science & nature, or find a new hobby in the cooking & life skills offerings. 
  • Fun: Outschool makes education entertaining! Learners are sure to enjoy their time in the games & adventure classes or one of Outschool’s many social clubs, like ‘Game Night with Ms. Marie’ where kids from around the world join each week to play games, chat, and socialize with their peers!
  • Safety: Parents can rest easy knowing that online safety is a top priority for the Outschool community. All teachers undergo a thorough background check prior to their first class. Classes are restricted to learners of a specific age (in addition to Outschool’s requirement that all learners must be 18 & under).
  • Great teachers: Passionate educators flock to Outschool since they are able to develop their own curriculums about topics they love - and teach them to students who share their passions. A more detailed bio for every teacher can be found on each class page - with info on qualifications, personal and/or professional backgrounds, and teaching philosophy. You can even read their reviews!
  • Excellent reputation: They’ve secured a spot as one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2021, earned praise from The New York Times as a great way to supplement children’s virtual learning curriculum, and been lauded by Cool Mom Tech as a favorite source of online classes for learners to take with friends.
  • It’s a win-win: When you buy a pass from Boon Supply, you not only get a credit for $30 to use for any classes on Outschool’s site, you’re also giving back 40% to the cause of your choice!

What are some of Outschool’s top classes?

Again, there are too many to name - but learners are sure to enjoy the ones listed below. 

  • Let it Go! ‘Frozen’ Ballet Dance Class: Learn ballet basics while boogying to some of the most popular songs from everyone’s favorite movie.
  • Fighting with Frustration: Teaches emotional regulation strategies for kids 5-10 so they can develop appropriate ways to deal with frustration and anger.
  • Let’s Play Minecraft: Socialize and play Minecraft on a private server while being supervised by their fun teacher, Mr. Dan.
  • All About Doctors and Human Body Systems: Students 5-9 will learn about a different type of doctor and the body system they specialize in each week, and will apply their learnings to a game or experiment.
  • Puppy Paw Training Camp: Learn how to teach your four-legged friend new commands, and work with Ms. Wendy to solve any behavior problems your pup is experiencing.
  • Treasure Hunt: Pirate Adventure: A thrilling escape room treasure hunt where learners work together to find hidden treasure on a pirate island by solving riddles and puzzles.

We invite you to preview one of Outschool’s classes by watching this video. Then, purchase a sitewide pass from Boon Supply that your young learner can use to explore their special interests in any of the 140,000+ classes in Outschool’s library!

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