How to Market a Holiday Fundraiser

By Courtney Montgomery
November 12, 2019

1. Spread the word.

Market your holiday fundraiser pretty much the same way as you would with a normal fundraiser, just highlighting a few different products, pushing harder on online sales and driving people to your fundraiser page, and rallying all your friends and family (and their friends and families). 

Tip: Be sure to use our social media graphics to help promote your fundraiser online here.

We’ll start first with products. 

We’ve put together a few online collections with Holiday in mind just for you:

Wrapping Paper (for all those gifts everyone is inevitably going to buy)

Gifting (the whole slew of products)

Gifts under $25 (or what we like to call “Stocking Stuffers”):

Gifts under $50 (for those bigger packages)

    And our newest tool, the Holiday Box


    Try texting to share.

    Include links to these categories when emailing or texting your friends, school group, or network about the fundraiser. You can also text out links to specific products or collections, or just have people text SHOP to 888-886-0998 to enter our QuickShop feature to quickly make a purchase. 

    2. Next comes the “Ask & Share”.

    Once you set up your fundraiser, you will get a link to your fundraiser’s homepage. If you click on the rocket icon and enter emails of all the people you want to have notified about your fundraiser, we’ll market to them for you!

    Want to do it yourself?

    Just copy the URL and send a separate email to your contacts, including that link and whatever other copy you want. Best practices have shown that letting people know what you’re raising money for increases support.  

    If you’re on your mobile, click the button on your fundraiser’s homepage that says “Text to Share” and you’ll automatically be able to text your fundraiser to anyone in your Address book. Pretty nifty, huh? 

    If you’re doing a fundraiser with your school or group that is both catalog and online, tell the other parents at school. Hand out catalogs and get the kids excited with our prize programs. 

    3. Finally, remind them! 

    The holidays are a busy time and people need to be reminded to support your fundraiser. They may fully want to shop to support your cause but get distracted with the million other things on their to-do lists, so a little nudge can sometimes help seal the deal, especially if it’s with an easy product, like the holiday box or a link to a collection of curated products. You can even utilize our Quickshop feature if you’re with them in person and want to help them “check it off” their to-do list.

    People are all about gifting (and giving!) during the holidays, and you are sure to have a successful fundraiser if you tap into this mindset with a pitch of gifts that give twice and offering beautiful products everyone will love.