Fundraising Ideas: Help One Person In Need

By Kendra Frisbie
October 27, 2022

It has been said that ‘Helping one person might not change the world, but it might change the world of one person.’


Start with one person. Could you rally friends, neighbors, acquaintances to support just one person’s story? Who could use it most?

You can be up and running in a few minutes and the feeling you will get when you give your gift of time, energy and compassion will last forever. Start now, rock someone’s world.

  • Your favorite school or hospital employee - maybe a service person or someone who works behind the scenes

  • A sibling putting themself through school

  • Your favorite barista

  • An elderly neighbor or friend

  • The sanitation worker who keeps your neighborhood clean

  • A child that wants to learn a new (and potentially costly) skill

  • A homeless person you pass each day

  • A friend’s milestone birthday

  • Kids in need of holiday gifts in your community

  • The delivery driver who works rain and shine to get your packages to you on time

  • Surprise a grandparent with tickets to a show / event / trip 

  • Someone you know who rescues animals as a ‘pet’ project

  • A family who is about to adopt or foster a child or new parents

  • An adult that wants to build a skill or who would like to take enrichment classes

  • Someone you know who is starting a new business

  • A special veteran

Who could you surprise with a special gift, big or small?