Futures Without Violence

Do you know the Violence Against Women Act of 1994? It was a groundbreaking federal law drafted by Senator Joe Biden and Representative Louise Slaughter that was passed by Congress with bi-partisan support and provided $1.6 billion toward investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women. Before then domestic violence was seen as a private matter, a lover’s quarrel. In fact, when this law was in the process of being drafted, one crude Congressman referred to it as the "Take The Fun Out of Marriage Act."  We've come a long way since those times but with the #metoo revolution, we have a long way to go which is why everyone needs to know about FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE.


Gina Pell and Amy Parker are founders of The What, a weekly newsletter and online community with 100,000 women around the globe. Gina and Amy co-founded three companies together focused on creating helpful and inspiring content for women. Thus, everything they write about is for and about women through the lens of Pell and Parker’s 20-year friendship. Gina has spent the past decade working with and mentoring at a safe house for women who are victims of domestic violence and both Amy and Gina are passionate about protecting girls and women.

Visit the FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE fundraiser and shop to give them 50% of every purchase you make.


If you want to learn more about the organization, please head to their website here.