Coaching Boys Into Men

“We are teaching boys to be men – whether you’re an athlete or not.  It’s about valuing human life.”

- Jeremy Affeldt, retired 3-time World Champion SF Giants Pitcher and active CBIM supporter

Sports have a big impact on our culture and, as major-league hero Jeremy Affeldt knows well, athletic coaches play a major role in shaping how young men think and behave.


Coaching Boys Into Men is a pioneering prevention program that trains and empowers high school coaches to teach their young male athletes healthy relationship skills.  In this age of sexting, cyberbullying and the #metoo movement, we have a chance to transform how this next generation takes the lead in demonstrating that violence never equals strength.  

Coaching Boys Into Men gives high school students the tools and vocabulary they need to champion respectful behavior so they can be a positive force for good in school communities and the broader world.  We love celebrating "everyday good" in acts both large and small.  And Coaching Boys Into Men has plenty of examples.

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