Inspire and Empower through Character Day

By Tina Fichera
September 09, 2019

Character Day, an annual event happening September 27-28th, 2019, unites millions of people in schools, companies, and homes to develop and deepen their character strengths. Last year, over 4 million people across 200,000 groups in 125 countries and all 50 states participated in Character Day.

Everybody has 24 character strengths in different degrees that make up what is best about their personality. Understanding these strengths leads not only to school and career success, but also to stronger, more engaged individuals. 

Inspire your students to celebrate their character strengths through building awareness of each students unique make up of traits.

This year, the sixth annual Character Day focuses on the relationship between character and technology. 

How does technology enhance our character development? How does turning off the screens enhance our character? And understanding the relationship between character development (empathy, gratitude, social responsibility), social emotional learning, and screen use. 

Character Strengths: Leadership, Teamwork, Honesty, Perseverance, Kindness, Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Creativity, Fairness, Curiosity, Judgement, Love of Learning, Perspective, Bravery, Hope, Spirituality, Zest, Social Intelligence, Humility, Prudence, Self-Regulation, Beauty & Humor

Make sure you are classroom ready with wonderful short films (like below) and tons of resources to inspire and educate all ages. Also, check out these character building articles and worksheets on 


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