Out of Aleppo - BYkids

“You’re about to meet teenagers from around the world who grew up feeling the effects of war, disease, illiteracy, bigotry and exile. Now, each has a voice and a video camera as they tell their very real stories.”
Ashley Judd


Shown here is Mohammad Shasho (age 18), who journeyed from Syria to Berlin to help his family start a new life, with his mentor, Anja Baron, who is an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

BYkids mentors teens to tell their stories through film. By sharing the realities of juvenile justice, climate change, child marriage, and the Syrian refugee crisis, kids use this powerful medium to build understanding and empathy in peers around the world.  

You can watch a preview of Mo's video here.

BYkids films are viewed on public television and in classrooms. With an engaging curriculum and the support of three million teachers, their current film series will reach 248.6 million viewers. 

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