6 Holiday Fundraising Ideas to Start Now

By Danielle Ashe
October 18, 2022

It's the perfect time to start a fundraiser to support your favorite cause (or person!) for the holidays. Many organizations and people need an extra boost leading up to, through and after the holidays -- here are 6 of our Favorite Holiday Fundraising Ideas. 


Boon’s Top 6 Holiday Fundraising Ideas

  1. Raise money for your local food shelter - promote the Boon Supply Kitchen & Pantry items to your fellow food lovers - they find gifts and products they love and you raise money to feed those in need. 

  2. Start a fundraiser to buy toys for your local fire department’s (or community center's) toy drive. Even better, donate some of the Boon Gift Wrap for them to wrap the gifts with!

  3. Shine a light on hunger and raise money for ingredients to make special delivery lasagnas - and partner with Lasagna Love to deliver them locally or donate your proceeds to our dedicated fundraiser for them

  4. Start a fundraiser for a special someone on Giving Tuesday (Tuesday, November 29th) and present them with the funds at this year’s holiday gathering. It would be a meaningful way that your community could come together with a sweet surprise. Learn more about the global Giving Tuesday movement here. 

  5. Partner with your local school to start a fundraiser for their holiday festivities. Perhaps a team or club needs extra funds or you support a school-wide holiday party - or you create a dedicated fund for the teachers to buy additional supplies. There is no shortage of needs in schools and Boon Supply has products that parents love

  6. Could your local hospital use something worth celebrating? How about starting a fundraiser to support their holiday activities - getting extra music, flowers or desserts delivered - for those who could use a smile if they are away from their loved ones? 


It’s easy to get your Boon Supply fundraiser up and running in just a few minutes. And you will know that your holidays will be brighter by sharing the good with others. Start now and spread the love into the New Year!