5 Ways to Love Local Animal Shelters

By Danielle Ashe
October 12, 2022

Animal shelters provide basic necessities to all kinds of pets during a crisis as well as those that have nowhere else to go, have been abandoned or lost. As with all services in the last few years, the cost to run a shelter has gone up - and they are always in need of donations, both financial and the gift of time. 

Below are some of our favorite ideas to raise funds for your local shelter. We know it will make you feel good - as well as those animals in need. Set up a fundraiser on Boon Supply and at any of your events, your supporters can use our Direct Donation option to support your cause! AND, your community can continue to show their support by shopping all year round and selecting your fundraiser at checkout. 

5 Fundraising Ideas For Pets:

  1. Host a pet-wash in your neighborhood! Sort of like a carwash, but for pets! 

  2. Schedule a ‘Fun-Run’ - everyone runs (or walks) with their pet and have people pledge donations based on miles accumulated. 

  3. Have the kids in your neighborhood host a Pet Fashion Show. Make costumes with items you can find around the house and charge admission to see the animals come down the runway!

  4. Host a live event from a local shelter. Stream on social media and ‘interview’ the animals/tell their story. Include your Boon Supply link to donate throughout the live stream.

  5. Holiday Photoshoot: partner with a professional photographer (or budding artist!) and take photographs of everyone’s furry friends. Great timing to get on this year’s holiday card - or just a great social media post!

Support Animals with a Boon Supply Fundraiser

Animals are so photogenic and easy to fall in love with - make sure to take lots of pictures during your first event so you can use them to promote your next one. Could you do one pet-related fundraiser each quarter?

Pet stories are fun to tell, have lots of pictures to support and can pull at the heartstrings – a recipe for fundraising success! Set your fundraising goal and you are off to the races!